Hotel- og Restaurantskolen
Vigerslev Allé 18
2500 Copenhagen
Piemonte Wine School

In Autumn the Danish capital will host, once again, four tasting seminars of Piedmontese wines guided by Thomas Ilkjær and Christian Thorsholt Jacobsen.

A centre for the spread and promotion of the Piedmontese wine culture in Denmark

I Vini del Piemonte has confirmed, also for Autumn 2018, a series of appointments with the “Piemonte Wine School” in Copenhagen.

This ambitious and innovative project, started with great success in 2017, aims at building a centre for the spread and promotion of the Piedmontese wine culture in Denmark.

The 2018 programme includes four tasting seminars of Piedmontese wines, which will take place in the prestigious cooking school Hotel – og Restaurantskolen of Copenhagen.

The lessons will have the form of a Wine Tasting Experience® and will be held by Thomas Ilkjær, director of the Piemonte Wine School in Denmark, responsible of Vinakademiet, the school for sommeliers in Copenhagen, and author of the most important guide on Italian wines published in North Europe, and Christian Thorsholt Jacobsen, one of Denmark’s most renowned sommeliers, co-owner and head sommelier at restaurant Anarki and teacher at Scandinavian Wine Academy – Denmark.

The Wine Tasting Experience® is a type of tasting event devised by Strada del Barolo e grandi vini di Langa for final consumers, to spread the knowledge of the Piedmontese wines. This kind of event goes beyond the traditional tasting; first of all because it offers the opportunity to compare labels of different producers in one single appointment, and second because it has a strong educational spirit since each experience is led by an expert who, with the help of a supporting video and interactive tools, can reveal secrets and curiosities about the wines presented to the public.

Program / tickets

October 25th 2018 – 17.30/19.00
Barolo and Barbaresco – similarities and differences
They are called the king and the quenn, big brother and little brother, the masculine and the feminine. But perhaps realities are not quite that simple? In this lecture we shall taste Barolo and Barbaresco and compare the two great nebbiolo wines face to face.

Buy tickets: 399 DKK

November 8th 2018 – 17.30/19.00
Nebbiolo – the many faces of Piemonte’s greatest grape variety
Nebbiolo is doubtless Piedmonts best and most famous grape variety. It has a unique and recognizable profile but changes nevertheless its nuances depending on growing condition and vinification. In this lecture, we shall take a detailed look at nebbiolo and test its many versions from all over the region.

Buy tickets: 349 DKK

November 15th 2018 – 17.30/19.00
Giro Piemonte – from light to structured, from white to red and from dry to sweet
Beyond the famous nebbiolo and barbera wines Piedmont holds a true treasure of indigenous grape varieties and rare wines with great personality. We find whites with ageing potential, Spumante from champagne grapes, unique reds and sweet specialties. And we will pass them all in this lecture.

Buy tickets: 349 DKK

November 22th 2018 – 17.30/19.00
Barolo – Traditionalism and modernism. Who won the war?
For a couple of decades two winemaking philosophies were fighting each other in Barolo. In this lecture we shall taste examples of different types of Barolo and ask whether the fight between traditionalists and modernists are over. And if so, who won?

Buy tickets: 399 DKK