Aamanns Køkken & Event
Refshalevej 163A
1432 Copenhagen, Denmark
Drink & Bite 2024: Nordic cuisine meets Piedmont and its wines

14 May 2024, an unprecedented show-dinner to discover Piedmont with Chef Adam Aamann, the King of Smørrebrød, and journalist and TV star Morten Brink Iwersen

An unprecedented show-dinner to discover Piedmont!

Tuesday, May 14, 2024, the day before the fifteenth edition of the Barolo & Friends Event in Copenhagen, “Drink & Bite“, the most anticipated wine & food event dedicated to Piedmont of the year, returns in a completely renewed guise.

The protagonists of the 6th edition will be two exceptional guests: journalist, TV host, expert sommelier Morten Brink Iwersen, and chef Adam Aamann, winner of the “Danish Gastronomic Academy” award.

The format, completely revised, includes a dinner at the elegant Aamanns Køkken & Event, during which 100 Danish wine lovers will enjoy a show-dinner focused on the famous smørrebrød, signature-dish of the Chef, and presented in a completely new key inspired by Piedmont and its gastronomic excellence. Alongside the renowned smørrebrød, dinner will feature a selection of main dishes that blend Danish and Piedmontese culinary traditions.

Journalist, sommelier and TV star Morten Brink Iwersen will accompany the tasting with a virtual trip to Piedmont through a selection of labels and a fun “quiz” in search of the best match.

The evening will continue with a free tasting in the presence of a selection of Piedmontese producers, preferably already imported, who will present over 60 labels in tasting from different areas of Piedmont.



Tuesday 14 May 2024
Dinner: 18.20-20.00
Walk Around Tasting: 20.00-22.00
Price: 600 DKK



Chef Adam Aamann, The King of the Smørrebrød in Copenhagen.

It all started in 2006 when Adam decided to recreate the Danish smørrebrød. Focusing on local ingredients, changing the proportions of smørrebrød and transforming them from a humble meal for sailors to a Nordic gourmet experience. Since then, his original restaurant Aamanns has continued to thrive, it has become one of the favourite places on Danish TV in the cooking show Madmagasinet and, confirming the great success, in 2007, the Chef was awarded the prestigious “Danish Gastronomic Academy” award.

Morten Brink Iwersen: journalist and TV star with a passion for wine

Journalist, sommelier and Danish TV star, Morten Brink Iwersen has an immense passion for wine, which began after high school, and led him to work in several production companies. Since then, alongside his work as a journalist and TV presenter, all his free time has been dedicated to the world of wine through a wide range of experiences, including importing, conferences and seminars and, of course, articles published in the most important Danish magazines and newspapers (24timer, Nyhedsavisen and Politiken, Gastro). Most recently, he co-hosted the DR2 series “A toast to Europe?” along with former Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The interest in wine was also shown in a reinterpretation of the ancient Danish Stevnsbær, which fruit researchers have called “Grapes of the North”, and since 2006, he has been co-owner of the Frederiksdal Cherry Wine production company.